Growth hackers can make the unimaginable possible. In the recent times, eCommerce businesses have heavily leveraged a number of growth hacking techniques to increase their user base and enhance revenues. Growth hackers make use of multi-dimensional strategies quite different from conventional marketing practices to expand the user base and thus improve the growth prospects of a business. Let us look at few successful growth hacking strategies that you can use for growing your eCommerce business.

Unique Branding Efforts With Broad Horizon

In the eCommerce world, branding has a broader scope than just logo and website design. The main aim of branding is to differentiate an eCommerce business from competitors. In a sea of competitors, your branding efforts will make you discoverable and help you earn brand loyalty. Also, it is important that your branding efforts are not just limited to a fixed number of platforms. Instead, you should use innovative branding ideas across platforms to connect with customers casually. You can also think of connecting with an expert growth hacker for unique branding concepts.

Creating Conversion Funnels

Cart abandonment is a headache for eCommerce business owners. Worldwide, users are known to add products to the cart but do not continue with purchases later. This hampers your conversion prospects and leads to decreased revenues in spite of best efforts at driving traffics.

Building an effective conversion funnel to create awareness about a product, increase interest and pitching users to buy a product can help in dealing with problem of cart abandonment. The goal of your conversion funnel should be to motivate your users to complete the transaction. You can collect information about a user and target the abandoners across multiple channels to drive sales.

Content Marketing

Value-based content that solves the problems of a user can go a long way in increasing your growth prospects. Instead of looking at content as a necessary evil, think of it as a valuable and eternal asset that will drive more users to your website. Instead of just running an eCommerce store, you should focus on building a platform that provides quality content to users. Not only will a premium blog post drive visitors but will help you in building a commanding authority in your niche that customers will respect.


Long-tail Keyword

Organic search is one of the most rewarding traffic attractors at present for an eCommerce store. If you manage to get to the first page of Google, your website will keep on getting huge number of new visitors without a break. To make sure that your eCommerce store stands high on search engine rankings, you need to ensure embedding long-tail keywords with appropriate backlinks on your product pages.

Split Testing

Split testing can improve conversion rates and visitor retention. By creating two different versions of same web page and continuously employing split testing techniques at regular intervals, an eCommerce store can definitely improve its growth figures. As customer preferences change with time, it is important to make split testing an important weapon in your growth arsenal and utilize it as and when you get the chance.

There are a number of growth hacking techniques that can be customized for niche eCommerce businesses. If you are looking to grow your business online, our experts can provide required insights. Connect with us for eCommerce web development  and harness the benefits of growth hacking today.