With the growth in eCommerce segment in the past, the logistics industry have also registered unprecedented growth numbers. In the US alone, spending on logistics and transport have exceeded $1.48 trillion i.e. 8% of the GDP in 2015. In the last three years, the growth has been more staggering with a rapid shift towards online shopping. In such a scenario, every player in the logistics industry must keep up with the rapid pace and take steps to capture the maximum share in the growing market.

If you have been in the logistics industry for a while or are starting a new business, you might understand the challenges related to managing the flow of products. Unprofessionalism of drivers, breakdown of vehicles and lack of adequate tracking features are disasters for any logistics business. But by investing towards development of a mobile app, you can handle all these challenges, efficiently. Let us show you how.

Mobile Apps: Game changer for the Logistics Industry

In a competitive business like logistics with hundreds of players, technology alone can help in streamlining operations and improving your bottom line. Not only will a mobile app simplify basic managerial tasks for your business but will give you a portal to connect with your end customers. At the same time, mobile apps will increase your goodwill as you become more approachable to the customers. Here are a few advantages of having a mobile app for your logistics company:

Location Tracking

When you have a large fleet of vehicles, it is important to stay updated about their location to give customers accurate delivery schedules. With the help of a mobile app with geo-location facility, you can easily keep a track of location in real-time without having to pick up your phone to call up the driver.

Fleet management

Vehicle health and performance measurement is a tedious but necessary process when you run a logistics business. With the help of a mobile app that is connected to vehicle 24×7, you can actually keep a track of the service schedule, oil levels, mileage, etc. to ensure everything is running perfectly. You can even use the mobile solution to keep a record of registration that becomes handy in case of need.

Online Booking

One of the most lucrative advantages of a mobile app is that it enables your customers to directly book a consignment online. This means no longer they have to wait for their goods to be shipped. While this increases convenience for your customers, it ensures more business and improved customer loyalty in the long run. You can think of customizing the feature to schedule appointments for pickup and delivery that will further delight customers.

Reduced Paperwork

When everything is being managed digitally, your back office staff can relax about the lengthy paperwork. Instead, they can focus on providing better customer service and improving service standards. As a mobile app can manage various aspects such as invoicing, payments, tracking and keeping a record of cargo, you can relax without worrying about operational blunders.

How Nurturing Technolab can help with Logistics App Development?

Mobile app development can prove to be one of the best bets for accelerating the growth prospects of your logistics business. With the help of our expert developers, you can get an app rolling in minimum possible time frame.

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You can leverage our expertise and knowledge to develop efficient mobile solutions catering to your specific growth needs. So, what are you waiting for? Leverage the mobile opportunity by talking to our experts now.