PHP frameworks are a go-to option for developers wanting to create web applications. With most enterprises aiming for faster time-to-market, the rapid development feature of PHP frameworks is highly preferable. While there are now several PHP frameworks such as Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, and Zend, an increasing number of enterprises rely on Laravel app development.

Key benefits of using Laravel framework

Based on Symphony, the open-source PHP framework Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011 for developing web applications. On GitHub, it is currently the “Most Starred PHP Framework” with more than 30,000 developers around the world highly appreciating its powerful features.

But what are the benefits that make Laravel such a popular PHP framework for developing web applications? Here is a list of some of the most important ones-

#1 Highly Secure Web Applications

Cyber attacks continue to rise all over the world. While such attacks were limited to large multinational companies in the past, even small and mid-size companies are now a common target. These attacks prove disastrous for SMEs as they generally do not have the resources to recover from such attacks.

As per a report on Inc, around 60% of SMEs that are attacked go out of business within 6 months. This makes it very important for every enterprise to use frameworks that can keep their web applications secure. Laravel is created with security in mind and can handle security-related issues within the framework.

For instance, predefined SQL is used by the framework to prevent SQL injection attacks. Moreover, it uses “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm” for generating encrypted passwords and never saves any password in plain text. As a result, most enterprises aiming for a higher level of security for their web applications generally hire Laravel developer.

#2 Improved Performance

Web applications created with Laravel are also known to offer excellent performance. With businesses aiming to offer unique experiences to the consumers, the demand for feature-packed websites has risen considerably. But adding such hi-tech functionalities and features often negatively affects the performance of the website.

Laravel has a host of built-in tools which can be used by the developers for improving the performance of web applications. Moreover, the framework can also be integrated with tools such as Redis and Memcached for boosting web app performance.

#3 Faster Database Access

Laravel’s built-in Eloquent ORM is an object-relational mapper which can be used for the interactions between relational databases. The ORM is a complete package which allows a Laravel development company to use it outside or inside the Laravel framework.

As compared to the ORM’s of other PHP frameworks, Eloquent ORM of Laravel is also the fastest. This helps in reducing the time it takes for the website to fetch web pages from the database. Ultimately, this helps in providing a faster web browsing experience to the website visitors.

#4 Cheaper Cost of Development

The Laravel framework comes with a number of built-in features such as Artisan. This command-line tool of the framework helps in reducing the manual efforts the developers generally put in for completing programming tasks that are repetitive in nature.

Be it enabling caching mechanism or starting a Laravel project from scratch, Artisan adds more efficiency and speed to such repetitive tasks.   This aids in reducing the development time of web apps and also make hiring Laravel development services more affordable for businesses.

#5 Open Source Framework with a Powerful Online Community

The open source nature of the Laravel framework also offers a host of benefits to the developers as well as businesses. This allows companies to add custom features to their apps as per their requirements.

Apart from this, Laravel also has a powerful online community which is bound by a common goal of improving and supporting the framework. This ensures that newer concepts and features are introduced much faster and more efficiently as compared to a proprietary framework.

Laravel for Secure, Robust and Affordable Web Application Development

While Laravel has many more benefits to suit the custom need of a business, the ones mentioned above are highly advantageous for every enterprise planning to develop a web application.

Consult with a reputed Laravel development company like Nurturing Technolabs to know more about the benefits of this PHP framework and how we can help you offer high-performance and secure yet affordable web applications to the consumers.