Logistics industry has been on the growth path for some years now and when it comes specifically to the packers and movers segment, the growth story is even more promising. Globally, as individuals and families are responding to lucrative employment opportunities, the packing and moving industry is flourishing like never before.

The Packing & Moving Opportunity

According to industry statistics, the packing and moving industry’s revenues in the US are expected to cross USD 26 billion by 2020. The steady growth in the segment makes it one of the most attractive business opportunities, at present.

Revenue Projections – US Packing & Moving Industry (2008-2020)

mover and packer app development

Competitive and busy lifestyles have prompted individuals to use their mobile phones for on-demand services. And packing and moving industry is also riding the mobile wave with hosts of on-demand packers and movers trying to grab a share in the growth pie. As conventional players, too, are trying to consolidate their position and more users are exploring on-demand app landscape, the demand-supply dynamics are increasingly in favor of on-demand packers and movers mobile apps.

If you are eager to get into a packing and moving industry via the app route, you would need to plan a lot of things and understand the development metrics. Before starting with the development, you will need to identify the relevant features and the cost of developing a movers and packers app. Let’s help you with identifying different features that can make your app desirable among the users.

Important App Features for Movers & Packers Mobile App

Working in on-demand industry is quite different from conventional businesses. You have to maintain a network of service providers, which in this case, would be a fleet of trucks and drivers. So, as an administrator, you would need some great features to manage various aspects of your moving and packing business.

As you will need to manage drivers, customers and your business operations, you would need separate modules for end-users and drivers. These modules would serve as an interface that would connect to your admin dashboard, giving you deep analytics and business management capabilities as an administrator. The customer-end app, admin dashboard and driver app should possess the following features if you are planning to start from the basics:

Customer/ End User Features

— Signup & Login

— View & Edit Profile

— Request for Goods Survey

— Place Service Request

— Set Pickup and Drop Location

— Push Notifications for Status Updates

— Secure Online Payment Gateway

— Track Goods Movement

— View Order History

— Reviews & Ratings

Driver/ Technician Panel

— Sign up and Login

— View & Edit Profile

— View Service Request History

— Receive Customer Payments Directly

Admin Panel

— Login

— Manage Customers & Service Requests

— Analytics Dashboard & Reporting

— Manage Driver/Technician Profiles

— Add/Remove/Edit & Block Drivers

— Payment Management

— Fuel Usage Analysis

— Vehicle Maintenance & Performance Analytics

— Manage Push Notifications

— GPS Trip Tracking

— Driver Scoring & Ratings

Cost of Developing a Movers & Packers App

Once you have defined the features you would need in your app as we did above, you can move ahead with the cost consideration. The main essence of this blog is to help you identify the costs associated with app development, so here we are with the approximate commercials. But first, let’s tell you that the cost totally depends on the complexity of app, number of platforms you are wishing to launch and the location of your development center.

Location-specific development cost difference

The cost of development vary greatly because of the above three factors and location is one of the most distinguishing factors in cost of app development. If you chose to engage US based developers, you may have to pay anywhere between USD 50-250 per hour while you can get a developer in India at USD 10-80 per hour.

Basic Assumptions & Cost Segregation

To chart down approximate costs, we assume that an Android app with basic features will be developed at an India-based data center. Splitting the cost between various stages, we come to the following figures for different stages of app development.

— Technical Documentation: USD 1000-2000

— UX/UI Design: USD 1500-3000

— Frontend & Backend Development: USD 10000-20000

— MVP Testing: USD 2000-4000

— Bug Fixes: USD 1000-2000

End Notes

If you are looking to build a packers and movers mobile app for Android, you will have to invest anywhere between USD 10,000 to USD 30,000. If you want to add more than basic features or go cross-platform the investment can exceed way beyond and can cross even USD 50,000. One thing we want to reinstate is that all the cost evaluations are representational and can vary according to the custom app requirements and business model.

Get in touch with us if you are eager to launch your own packers and movers app to get a detailed quotation. We at Nurturing Technolab provide required consultancy, guidance and support to build a remarkable mobile app and can help you optimize cost of development.