Gripping the Basics of an Online Grocery Business in Current Era for Success

No matter what part of the world you are in, you might have noticed the digital revolution taking over all forms of conventional businesses. Recently, online grocery retail has picked up pace and by 2024, it is expected that 70% of the total consumers will shop for groceries online.

Now, if you are a growth hungry entrepreneur, online grocery segment should be on your hit list for sure. Here we are with some of the basics of online grocery business that will help you in kick starting your journey.

The Online Grocery Business Model

Basically, there are two types of popular business models associated with online grocery retail. You can act as an aggregator and tie up with local vendors to procure and sell goods online. You will take care of delivery, operations, customer service, etc. while the vendor will supply you just the goods. This business model will enable you to earn commission on every order by charging a listing fee from different vendors.

Or if you are a bit more ambitious, you can start your own supply chain network consisting of warehouses and procure goods directly from source and list the same on your online portal. You can embed a revenue model in this business plan by charging a delivery and convenience fee from the customers, directly.

Online Grocery Portal & Mobile App

An online portal and mobile app are critical for the success of your digital grocery business. Without a dynamic and responsive portal, you cannot think of optimized operations in the long run. Not only will a digital portal help in managing various operational aspects but also will improve customer delight and boost loyalty. We have helped number of grocery startups with our mobile app development service and eCommerce website development service.

If you are seriously looking for having an online grocery and mobile app for your business, make sure that it has the following features and capabilities:

–Product Categorization

–Search Tool

–Customer Profile Creation & Updation

–Merchant Dashboard

–Social Sharing Features

–Order Tracking Features

Apart from the above basic features, you should think of engaging users by building a community so that they can return again and again. Creating a section for recipes and motivating users to share their kitchen tales is a great idea for the start. Also, having a saved order feature will encourage users to shop instantly as it will save their time. You can also think of starting a referral program where users can get cashbacks in their wallet for inviting their friends to try out your online grocery stores.

It is important to understand the localized needs of the consumers and build the right platform for sustainable growth. Not only should you look for increasing number of orders but also how customers perceive your brand in terms of convenience and affordability.

As grocery is one of the basic human needs, the business is here to stay for a long time. And with the increased penetration of smartphones and the internet, users keep looking for simple ways to complete their daily tasks. That is why online grocery business is a great idea and we help aspiring entrepreneurs in launching their own grocery store at a local, regional or national level with minimum hassle through our solutions.

How Nurturing Technolab can be helpful in Setting up Grocery Business?

Being a grocery app development company, we have built grocery apps and platforms for a number of startups in the past, we have a comprehensive idea of how this industry works. If online grocery retail is your calling, we have the perfect team to accelerate your development and growth efforts. Consult our experts and start your online entrepreneurship journey today!