The cut-throat competition is now evident across every major industrial sector, including logistics and transportation. To keep up with the competition, businesses are now abundantly relying on modern technologies. This has made on-demand logistics mobile app common among logistics businesses looking for a competitive edge.

From tracking shipments and inventory, invoicing options, fleet management, maintenance calendar, fixing meetings with clients, to digital logbooks, these modern apps come with a host of features to help streamline business processes for logistics and transport companies.

But while the apps now come with several features, what are the most important ones that are a must for every logistics and transportation app? Moreover, what is the cost of developing one such app? Let us have a detailed look at some important features and the development costs.

Important Features for Logistics and Transportation App

A lot of logistics businesses prefer creating different apps for fleet managers, drivers, and customers. However, many others go ahead with an on-demand logistic app with all the features in one. Irrespective of what you select, here is a lowdown on some of the most important features for such apps-

GPS System

Your fleet managers, as well as the drivers, will need a robust GPS system in the app to deliver consignments to the customers in a safe and time-efficient manner. Telematics, a popular GPS technology, is now commonly used for developing logistics apps.

This technology uses satellite connectivity and the internet to provide real-time information to the fleet operators, allowing them to manage their fleet efficiently.

Telematics for Asset Tracking

Apart from monitoring the real-time location of the fleet, telematics technology can also be used for asset tracking. In simple words, asset tracking is the process of tracking the real-time location of the consignment, trailer, or the whole transport vehicle.

Customers now look for regular updates with regards to the position and movement of their orders. An on-demand logistic app development company can add this feature to your mobile app in order to offer this convenience to the customers.

In-App Chat and Mobile Notifications

Your drivers might want to communicate with the fleet manager in case of an emergency or a customer might want to get in touch with your support team with regards to a query. For this, it is essential for your app to also have a built-in chat feature.

If you also want your customers to know about your latest services and offers, the app can also have the push notification feature for providing mobile notifications to the customers.

Admin/Driver/Customer Dashboard

As the fleet manager, drivers, and customers all play crucial roles in the success of a logistics and transport business, your mobile app should also be optimized to offer maximum convenience to them. This makes dashboard one of the most important logistics app development features.

The dashboard can work as a single window from where fleet managers can view details about the fleet, current and pending deliveries, inventory, etc. For drivers, the dashboard can offer details such as trip logs, fuel consumption, current location, destination, and more. The user dashboard should provide details such as the current location of their order, estimated delivery date, and invoice.

Secure Payment Gateway

Increasing number of businesses are switching to online payments due to the convenience it offers. If you also want your customers to pay online for the services they use, your app also needs to have secure payment gateways.

Offer multiple online payment options such as debit/credit card, e-wallet, and net banking to make the payments simple and quick for the customers.

While there are several other features that could be added to a logistics and transportation mobile app, the ones mentioned above are some of the most important.

Cost of Developing an On-Demand Logistics Mobile App

The on-demand logistics app development cost can vary significantly on the basis of a number of factors such as –

— Complexity of the app

— App platform

— App development company you select

— Location of the app development company

Creating an on-demand logistics app with the features discussed above can cost anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000 if you are working with a reputed company in a country like the USA, Canada, or the UK. If you are looking for added features and release on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS, the development cost can increase further.

Alternatively, you can also consider a reliable company in a country like India where the app development costs are considerably lower. While app developers in developed economies like USA and Canada charge anywhere between $100 to $150 per hour and even more, Indian developers generally take around $30 to $50.

Even a feature-packed logistics app with a reputed Indian app development company shouldn’t generally cost more than $15,000 to $30,000. But do note that this is only the cost of developing the app. You’ll also need a separate budget for things like marketing your app and maintenance.

Initially, you will also be required to invest in ASO (App Store Optimization) to let mobile users know about your app. Do keep these additional costs in mind when selecting an app development company.

Business Success with On-Demand Logistics App

With consumers now abundantly relying on mobile apps for a host of their day-to-day activities, it is only a matter of time before your logistics business would need one too. While logistics mobile app is now offered by a host of top logistics companies, the idea is still novel enough to give you a competitive edge.

Thus, it is better to jump the mobile app bandwagon now rather than waiting for the time when every small and large logistics company would have its own app. Now that you know the top features and logistics and transportation mobile app development cost, talk about the same with an established and experienced mobile app development company.  Hire a reputed company like Nurturingtechnolab and start working on your logistics app as soon as possible as it can offer a host of benefits to your fleet managers, drivers, customers, and ultimately, your logistics business. Talk to our executive about your requirement and get a quotation now!