E-commerce websites are like babies through and through; one wrong step could put your project in perils. It’s a tricky road to travel on; however, if you get it right, there are plenty of dividends in front of you. So it’s a worthy ballgame really, one for the strong hearted.

And we all know, when it comes to e-commerce, Magento sits at the top in terms of popularity and utility. However, its not all plain sailing once the decision is made. Opting for the right Magento developer and solutions partner is as important as choosing the right Magento development company.

A Prelude

Magento has a cloud e-commerce platform to help facilitate businesses go from A to B i.e. it provides a wide array of solutions, tools and technology partners and a worldwide developer ecosystem as well. This puts the ball in your court in the sense that you’re free to choose the services and the resources your business needs and elements that will be most compatible with your model – B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer).

Opting for custom Magento development services might also do the trick in order for you to build an engaging and successful online presence. Given the scale of competition, multiple differentiators are needed to set your business apart from the rest.

Magento 3.0

Magento has segregated their web development options into three different parallels namely Technology Partners, Solution Partners and Community Insiders. All the three types bring something different to the table, and on the basis of your business, you can opt for a tailor made option for yourself.

If you’re feeling sceptical to hire Magento developer, you will feel better upon knowing that most of the web developers within these groups have successfully completed Magento certification courses i.e. they will leave no stone unturned when it comes to putting your business plan to fruition.

This particular article will focus on Magento developer and solutions partners for your website needs.

Magento Solution Partners: The What & The Why

Magento developer and solutions partners are those consulting companies and brands which are trusted by Magento to help businesses optimize their online presence by building good relationships with customers. This is a massive worldwide network of no less than 350 different partners capable of working with brands of all sizes and forms, small and medium sized businesses, large companies, B2B and B2C types to give their online platforms a much needed boost.

Magento Solutions partners have built online B2B and B2C websites for a range of top global brands; hence rest assured that you’re in good hands. They will help you stand out in this fiercely competitive market whilst keeping your brand identity intact. Some of the other critical facets include integration of 3rd party applications which helps boost operational flexibility. Also, you will need brand-specific strategies to distinguish your brand from the rest drawing organic traffic in the process. This is where a solutions partner will work in your favour.

Some of the other key areas where a Magento developer and Solutions partner will benefit you are:

Tier-Based Flexibility

The Magento Solution Partner Program functions in a tier-based system so that irrespective of the domain, business owners are able to find the most suitable web developers for their e-commerce website. All the clients need to do is work with their sales reps to filter and find the most compatible solutions partner.

What is the tier-based segregation?
Tier 1: Business Solution Partners

Business Solution Partners focus on dealing with those businesses which have either built their website only recently or those who already have functional Magento-based e-commerce websites. Currently, the official Magento website states that there are 24 companies falling under this bracket i.e. 24 different business solution partners, which can be filtered using location, industry and region of work. There’s another filter which is of most use; it allows you to view the number of Magento 2 certified employees a particular company has. Also, it makes good reading to know that every single listed company will have at least 4 certified Magento 2 staff members. This is used as a basic default by the vetting team of Magento.

You can also visit the Magento Partner page in order to dig deep and view the portfolio, previous clients, products and other important details. This will help you make an informed decision before you hire dedicated Magento developer.

Tier 2: Professional Solution Partners

The next tier available for businesses to choose is the Professional Solution Partner tier. This includes companies and brands with a good history of established e-Commerce practices and an industry-specific portfolio. These are companies with dedicated Magento experts; there are 41 such Professional Solution Partners listed with Magento. All these companies stay updated with the international trends and norms in a real time manner, making sure you get the latest services. The professionalism is next to none and you will get specialized products that are in line with your vision.

Tier 3: Enterprise Solution Partners

This is the next level of available partners via Magento. This tier just like the previous one includes vastly experienced consulting firms which offer a full cycle of services i.e. centralized solutions under one roof. There are no less than 39 current partners which are listed as Enterprise Solution Partners. Only those brands which have consistently proven their mettle as Magento e-commerce developers qualify for this. The developers working for these brands have been certified through multiple Magento credential programs. Hence, on paper, you are in very good hands if you opt for this list.

Tier 4: Elite Solution Partners

Last but not the least, this is the Global Elite Solution Partners fraternity consisting of the most reputed brands in the web development industry. These are those partners, consultancies, agencies who have demonstrated superior levels of excellence when it comes to web development and digital marketing as a whole. Be it UI/UX design, 24×7 service and support offerings, no stones are left unturned service-wise. This tier currently lists 8 companies only and is an invitation-based entry.

It is critical to know that these tiers aren’t the only options you have as an end user. You can opt for Community Insiders as well, who are certified Magento developers. To become an insider, web developers, brands or agencies are supposed to have at least 1 certified developer under their belt. Feeling spoilt for choice?

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