Global business world is continuously becoming more competitive. To stay relevant and attract more customers, brands are making use of innovative technologies for solving their business problems. In 2017, nearly every industry segment witnessed great transformation owing to automation, blockchain, cloud computing, etc. 2018 brings more opportunities for newer technologies to influence the business ecosystem. Here are a few technologies that will disrupt the business domain in 2018:

#1 Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer an imaginative concept. Almost every segment from healthcare to manufacturing, from fitness to automobiles is utilizing artificial intelligence to improve products and create innovative services. The coming years will see rapid integration of AI-based solutions for solving problems, improving operational efficiency and customer delight.

#2 Internet of Things

IoT landscape has already begun disrupting the way we work and live. In the coming time, the business world will see rapid adoption of IoT-based solutions for completing tasks. Not only will it improve the business efficiency but will enable brands to stay connected with their customers at all time.

Internet of Things creates a virtual network of devices and make communication seamless between different devices and the humans. We have already been seeing the use case scenarios of IoT devices in the form of smart gadgets, security systems and virtual assistants. The future holds better prospects for the technology and business world, at large.

#3 Mobility

Mobile devices are already ruling the world and making it simpler for businesses to stay connected with their customers, employees and other stakeholders. The penetration of smart phones and faster internet in developing nations will further accelerate the reliance on mobile devices. With the help of mobile devices, enterprise applications will touch a new frontier by improving employee productivity and promoting seamless communications.

Further, mobile devices will be used more and more to accomplish a number of digital tasks such as making a search, connecting with brands and making
digital payments. Marketers will leverage the prospects of mobility to connect with customers in a better way.

#4 Blockchain

Blockchain created quite a disruption in the financial segment in the year 2017. With more and more ICOs launching with each passing day, the future prospects of this technology are immense. Also, blockchain has broken free of its conventional image of being a technology for BFSI segment with new use cases emerging every day for manufacturing, real estate, administration, logistics and other segments. We believe that the promise of decentralization and security offered by Blockchain will create new avenues for business world in the coming years.


#5 Edge Computing

Edge computing will see massive adoption in the coming years across global business enterprises. The concept of placing services and data away from centralized points in network to logical extremes enhance data security, lowers dependence on cloud network and improves analytical capabilities. The symbiotic relationship between IoT and edge computing will save costs for companies spent on computation and analytics. In the future, we can see this technology being used by almost every company in
the world as IoT adoption will continue to rise.

More new trends will keep on presenting itself with time and it would not be wrong to say that we all are living in an exciting world with great innovations waiting for us in the future.

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