01 Wireless Location Tracking Solution

OnAsset Intelligence Inc.- world’s largest provider of real-time shipment tracking solutions approached us to create a mobile solution for its customers. The company wanted to empower its customers to track their shipment and provide reliable time sensitive updates to customers, globally.

02 Real-time Shipment Tracking Solution

We utilized IoT & M2M technology to create a wireless asset location tracking solution for OnAssset Intelligence. Our solution empowered the company to offer globally-compliant real-time tracking services to its customers and strengthen its core business function.

03 Key Features of the Product
  • Location Intelligence Real-time location intelligence and backup mechanism for devices looking for assistance data on location
  • Location Tracking during Roaming Domestic and international location tracking for devices even while roaming
  • Speedy Integration Prompt integration owing to RESTful cloud-based APIs

Our product enabled the company to strengthen its grip on the global asset location tracking ecosystem and serve its customers better by enriching their lives through mobile-based solution.


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