01 Uber for Logistics Platform

Global logistics segment is brimming with competition and challenges due to tech-savvy customers. To help a cloud-based global logistics company tackle the challenges related to logistics fleet management, we developed a cloud-based platform that linked all the components of import-export process.

02 Technological Marvel to Streamline Logistics Movement

Our solution aimed at eliminating red tape, consolidating payments and connecting various stakeholders associated with a product movement from one point to another. Bringing various aspects to a single network, we improved transparency related to shipping rates and promote better customer experience.

03 Key Features of the Product
  • Flight/Train/Truck/Sea Carrier price aggregation Single screen price comparison for different means of transport
  • Sentinel & Sentry Integration Seamless integration for better tracking and management
  • On-demand pricing and assigning Better pricing and movement control with on-demand features

Through our platform, the company was able to provide better logistics movement services to the end customers and strengthen its stronghold in the global logistics industry.


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