01 Delivery Platform

The worldwide market for on-demand services has grown rapidly over the past decade. Identifying the core technological requirements of the industry, we have successfully developed a number of on-demand ordering platforms for a number of business segments including laundry, salon services, fitness services, car rental, on-demand home care services, fashion, etc.

02 Online Platform & Mobile Apps for On-demand Services

Utilizing our expertise to build remarkable platforms for businesses, we created a number of websites and mobile apps to accelerate the growth prospects of a number of on-demand businesses. Going beyond the conventional grocery, food delivery and logistics segment, we created unique and innovative platforms using which businesses can provide on-demand services to customers and increase their revenues.

03 Key Features of the Product
  • Online Order Tracking Customers can register, order online and track the status of their service delivery/order.
  • Service Management Vendors/Service providers can customize their service portfolio according to consumer trends.
  • Online Payment Pay digitally for services availed with multiple payment options.
  • Push Notifications Get updates about order status, promotions & offers and more with push notifications.

With the help of our on-demand platform, a number of businesses were successful to roll-out their services digitally and expand the scope of their business operations.


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